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We are a unique firm as handling disputes is our main and sole business. This means that our lawyers are adept at creatively and tactically utilising both substantive and procedural law to promote and protect the legitimate interests of our clients, be they commercial, reputational, or otherwise.

We are creating an African network of dispute resolution specialists that are bound to enrich our client offering by incorporating specialised domestic legal knowledge and expertise often required when navigating high-stakes complex cross-border suits.

Our lawyers have exceptional credentials in high value and high stakes commercial, employment, land, tax, procurement, succession, and family disputes.

We have substantial experience that cuts across industry sectors such as employment, insurance, banking, and construction. We represent a range of leading corporates and high-net-worth individuals.

Our lawyers’ experience
  • Co-ordinating the litigation strategy of a world-renowned beer company against a USD 15 billion (1.8 trillion) plus claim in Tanzania and Uganda.
  • Successfully represented a well-known Kenyan commercial bank in objection proceedings to protect its security interest valued at over KES 40 billion (USD 335 million) regarding an attempt by the employees of the borrower to attach and sell the borrower’s assets in satisfaction of a decretal award totaling KES 2.1 billion (USD 17.5 million).
  • Acting in a derivative suit relating to a company with vast business interests including land ownership. The subject matter of the dispute is valued at over KES 2 billion (USD 16.7 million).
  • Successfully obtained orders dismissing a claim challenging the land rights of a company that was on course to establish the largest wind park investment in East Africa.
  • Successfully represented a corporate client, which is constructing Kenya’s second largest wind power project, in a dispute filed by several landowners with whom the client had entered into long-term lease agreements for the development and maintenance of the facility.
  • Acting for one of the Co-Administratrices and beneficiaries of a vast and complex estate valued at over KES 1.3 billion (USD 10.8 million) which required us to among other things institute probate proceedings at the Isle of Man for assets located there.
  • Acted for an international financial institution based in Switzerland in lodging a proof of debt claim under a documentary letter of credit worth USD 9.9 million (KES 1.1 billion) relating to an international Bank in Kenya that had been placed under administration.
  • Acting on behalf of a beneficiary of the estate of a former president of Kenya. The estate is vast and is valued at over KES 330 billion (USD 2.75 billion).
  • Acting on behalf of a beneficiary of the estate of a late son of a former president of Kenya. The estate is valued at over KES 66 billion (USD 551 million).
  • Acting for a beneficiary of an estate (valued at over KES 2.1 billion (USD 17.5 million) with vast business and land interests including a popular family Resort in a coffee estate
  • Acting for a beneficiary of an Estate (valued at KES 1.5 billion (USD 12.5 million)) with vast land interests across the country.
  • Successfully obtained a USD 2.5 million (KES 298 million) summary judgment.
  • Successfully defended in a claim for fraud in connection with a charge over property whose ownership was contested. The property’s worth was in the region of KES 240 million (USD 2.01 million).
  • Successfully obtained orders seeking to stop a multiplicity of suits against a company that holds extensive oil exploration acreage in the East African Rift Basin system.
  • Successfully defended a leading telecommunication company against a claim for instigating the institution of criminal proceedings against an individual.
  • Successfully acted for a corporate client in having a foreign judgment obtained from the High Court in Durban South Africa recognized by the High Court for purposes of enforcement in Kenya.
  • Acted for the legal representatives of a deceased proprietor by successfully raising a preliminary objection which struck out a claim for mesne profits and damages totaling over KES 47 million (USD 560, 000).
  • Successfully obtained a USD 510,000 (KES 60 million) summary judgment in favour of a member of a Royal Family. in a matter involving complex security arrangements.
  • Represented leading multinational and it’s affiliates in connection with a contentious winding up proceedings at the High Court.
  • Represented various corporate clients in connection with petitioning for the insolvency of Nakumatt, Kenya’s biggest retail chain (at the time) valued at USD 407 million (KES 48.7 billion) in connection with its failure to pay its debts.
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