We are a Kenyan law firm that brings together litigation and dispute resolution specialists to provide first-rate solutions to clients in Kenya and beyond. We provide our clients with legal services to help them prevent legal disputes from arising and to navigate formal dispute resolution forums whenever legal disputes arise efficiently and assertively.

ADRA is committed to client service of the highest standard. Our clients deserve the utmost professionalism and efficiency of service.


ADRA Advocates LLP exists to deliver world class litigation and dispute resolution services to clients across Africa.

We bring together the right mix of lawyers and networks, combining deep local and regional knowledge in the pursuit of the best possible outcomes for clients.

The execution of our mission is grounded in our core values and beliefs which include curiosity and innovation, high performance, integrity, customer-centricity and investing in our most important asset – our people.


Our vision is to be a world class disputes focused law firm with Africa-wide presence servicing Africa’s increasing demand for top tier litigation and dispute resolution services.

Core Values

Customer Centric | Curiosity | Consistency | High Performance | Innovation | Our People


We pledge to provide our services in accordance with the following standards:

Honesty & Integrity: Our advice shall be ethical, independent, honest, timely and well founded.

Quality Client Care: We recognise and respect the diversity and unique needs of our clients. We shall provide courteous service and will be open and accountable to our clients.

Legal Advice: We will think creatively, proactively and intelligently about legal problems and offer innovative and helpful solutions.

Efficient Time & Dispute Management: We shall be punctual for meetings and Court attendances.

We shall always request for short timelines of no more than 5 days to put in our Court documents and shall aways be ready to proceed with our matter and comply with the adjudicator’s directions to ensure the timely progress and conclusion of a dispute.

We shall also comply with agreed turn around times with our clients by delivering “as promised”.

In the rare event we shall for good reason be unable to meet a particular court or client deadline, we shall let our clients or counter-parties know in good time. 

Quality over Quantity: We shall keep our legal advice and Court documents concise while still maintaining the quality of client’s arguments.

Communication: We prefer to communicate by email, rather than by hard copy letter or fax. This is better for the environment and keeps our costs down, which in turn saves our clients’ money.

We shall be accessible and responsive by answering your calls when you call us. When this is not possible, we will send you a text message or email to indicate when we will be able to speak to you.

We shall respond or acknowledge receipt of your communication within 24 hours or sooner.

Billing: We will manage client expectations through clear cost estimating procedures. We will communicate clearly and ahead of time regarding fees, costs, team members, deadlines, risks and outcomes.

We will discuss a proposed action with a client before we incur any fees.

Feedback & Complaints: We value your feedback and constructive criticism and shall handle them professionally, promptly and fairly.

Meet The Team

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